Newbegun United Methodist Church
Thursday, June 13, 2024
Worshiping God; Loving Jesus; Serving People

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Newbegun United Methodist Church

Worshiping God; Loving Jesus; Serving People

Serving God as Methodists for 235 years


. The following pictures depict the new look our church is presenting to people as they enter - new stairs, railings, and ramp; the new roof; and the new flooring for the entrance way. 

   Some of the other pictures show some of the damage to two very large trees on our property.  Although the trees fell down they did not touch the church building.  The hand of God was watching out for us.  Praise be to God.


  The new roof is bright and beautiful.
 The new stairs into the church, 
the new railings, and the
new ramp invite people in.
New flooring in the entrance way.
A picture of the size of the
tree and its roots that
fell during Dorian.
 The second tree felled by Dorian
was in the front lawn and
went into the swamp.
 Snowy church  Church at night